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morr 107 - CD/2LP/Digital

Release Dates
Worldwide: Sep 02, 2011
US: Sep 27, 2011

A beat is laid out, hesitantly moving along at first, then careering, taking off; soon sepia-toned clouds of piano gather overhead, shimmering, turning darker and richer, and then Sóley raises her voice – a voice that, until five years ago, she didn’t even consider a proper “singing voice”. read more...


"We sink" is 13 tracks of intimate echoes whirling quirky and catchy folk-like sounds that bring to mind similar Icelandic acts like Lykke Li and Björk"

Zink Mag

We Sink’ is not only a remarkably whole debut. It’s also a surefire contender when time comes for the Best Albums of 2011 list.

Die Isländerin Sóley ist sogar ganz großartig im Singen verstrahlter David-Lynch-Jahrmarktslieder...Eine Art Kate Bush, die auf Haschkeksen hängen geblieben ist."

Stadtrevue Cologne

"Sóley gewann schon im Team mit ihren isländischen Kumpanen Seabear, solo verlegt sie sich eher auf klassische, verloren-subtil wirkende Kompositionen zwischen Feist und CocoRosie und siegt ebenfalls." Intro

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Die Vermeidung des Eindeutigen, die Verbeugung vor dem Seltsamen und die Liebe: Pflanzen sie mindestens einen Baum, bevor sie losgehen, um "We Sink" zu kaufen

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De Bug

We Sink is Sóley’s latest album, a surprising work of dark poetry. Enlisting the help of illustrator Inga Birgisdottir, the music video for album single, “Smashed Birds,” sets the album cover (see bottom of post) into motion. Sonic delicacies are highlighted by the earth-toned color palette, though a host of mixed media flourishes belie its hidden bitterness.

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Benché sprovvista di virtuosimi, Dóley ci trascina - come da titulo -giú nella buca del suo bianconiglio (e suoni) attraenti e misterioisi che fluttuano attorno senza darci il tempo afferrarli


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Sóley. We Sink

Morr Music - morr 107

A beat is laid out, hesitantly moving along at first, then careering, taking off; soon sepia-toned clouds of piano gather overhead, shimmering, turning darker and richer, and then Sóley raises her voice – a voice that, until five years ago, she didn’t even consider a proper “singing voice”. It’s true: the bespectacled multi-instrumentalist from Iceland, now in her mid-twenties, had been around the world and back with her band, Seabear, when she finally discovered her own vocal skills. Even though Sóley Stefánsdóttir sings non-stop in private, creating a musical backdrop to pretty much everything she does, it just took her a while to get used to the sound of her own voice. We all know this, don’t we?

It’s the sound of this voice that’s at the very core of her intricate compositions, tracks that flare like a bunch of magic lanterns, taking shape, growing hazy, flaming up once again, then moving on. Sóley sans Seabear – and the band’s mastermind Sindri was, after all, the first to go solo, as Sin Fang Bous, one should keep in mind – is basically a storyteller who has come up with her very own wonderland. Meet her on the street and she seems rather introverted; yet, she’s far from shy in this self-created musical sphere, a sonic realm she freely expands, stakes out, reinvents, turns upside down. Throughout the album, Sóley spins one yarn after the next; at one point, unfortunate “Smashed Birds” have to give their feathers for a new dress, while the guitar, making a special appearance, sets the tone. Elsewhere, she focuses on the moment when a dream is exposed as such, this time over a huge sonic expanse drowned in reverb. She moves gently over magic carpets, woven landscapes, majestic like movie scores (“Fight Them Soft,” which might as well be her mantra), only to serve the listener a plate of “Blue Leaves” next. Song after song, the former student of composition manages to combine seemingly disparate elements with stunning ease, a snap of her fingers, a click of the tongue, a carefree mood reminiscent of earlier projects hailing from Iceland. Not to mention the sound of the letter R when she sings, wobbling smoothly off the tip of the tongue, all straight at first, then branching off, 180 degrees, eventually hitting the home stretch – reflecting the shape of the letter itself.

After “Theater Island,” last year’s 6-track EP, Sóley returns with her first full-length, an album full of rhythmic makeshift creatures, of handclaps hidden in the undergrowth, tempting us to join in. The 13 tracks are sometimes incredibly catchy; amazingly quirky at other times: think cardigan-folk from the northern hemisphere, an ocean of stained glasses bopping up and down in the shared apartment’s dishwater, leeward in limbo. The result is refreshing in its lack of edginess; think Joanna Newsom minus her harp, or the Casady sisters circa 2004, but then clearly better trained, less crooked. In other words: her voice, those loops moving around like wooden toys, and finally the piano – that’s the backbone, the essence of her compositions; at least until some unexpected element appears elsewhere, a rhythmic creaking or the lack thereof, like a hidden Rube Goldberg machine, setting off yet another component, thus paving the way across the threshold and on into the next realm of sound. And thus we keep on sinking, deeper and deeper, until we stand on terra firma once again, realizing that somehow, next to us, above us, around us, a beat is laid out, hesitantly moving along at first, then careering… morr 107
Format: CD/Promo/2LP/Digital


1. I'll Drown
2. Smashed Birds
3. Pretty Face
4. Bad Dream
5. Dance
6. And Leave
7. Blue Leaves
8. Kill The Clown
9. Fight Them Soft
10. About Your Funeral
11. The Sun Is Going Down I
12. The Sun Is Going Down II
13. Theater Island

Release Dates:
Sep 02, 2011 (Worldwide)
Sep 27, 2011 (US)