Spirit Fest

Spirit Fest. Spirit Fest

Released by Morr Music
Distributed by Morr Music Distribution GmbH
morr 155-cd - CD/Digital/LP+7"/LP

Release Dates
Worldwide: Nov 10, 2017
USA: Nov 17, 2017

Bewitching Avant-Pop album from impromptu supergroup built around acclaimed Japanese duo, Tenniscoats. Featuring Markus Acher of The Notwist, Jam Money and Joasihno. Ltd. vinyl edition contains a 7inch featuring the tracks 'River River' and non-album track 'Donguri'. read more...


"Ten tracks made in deep collaboration that reflect the best of these individual artists egging each other on to craft something special. This is exactly the music you might imagine being crafted in an apartment by a group of sweet, gentle, and eccentric buddies over a frosty 14 days."

TinyMixTapes - USA

"Wunderbar zartes Kammerpop-Juwel."

Musik Express - DE

"Morr as Morr can: Eine Dream-Pop-Supergroup aus dem Notwist-Umfeld schenkt dem aufkommenden Winter psychedelische Sonnenstrahlen."

Intro - DE

"Irgendwo zwischen der Atmosphäre von Bands wie Lali Puna, Electric President und The Notwist, dem Hang zum Verspielten von Aloa Input und dem grundsätzlich für alles offenen Songwriting von Tenniscoats, finden Spirit Fest ihren Platz zwischen allen Stühlen, die irgendwie verfügbar waren."

Plattentests - DE

"Il tratto che ha avvicinato il duo a Markus Acher (Notwist), Mat Fowler (Jam Money) e Cico Beck (Joasihno, Aloa Input) è senz’altro la comune attitudine a realizzare aggraziate miniature, in forma di canzoni pop o di una particellare ricerca sonora."

Rockerilla - IT

"Ça coule et c’est cool, légèreté et camaraderie dominent ce disque ce qui donne un ensemble jamais ennuyant."

musicophages.com -FR

"De muziek is dikwijls heel stemmig en van een fragiele schoonheid, maar op andere momenten ook frivoler en subtiel maar rijk gedetailleerd. Het zijn stuk voor stuk zachte pareltjes, die net zo kleurrijk en melancholisch zijn als de herfst. Een zeer welkome aanvulling op de grote familie"

subjectivisten - NL

"Wenn interkontinentale Pop-Kollaborationen nur immer so gut wären."

Das Filter - DE

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Anohito Anohito
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Spirit Fest Spirit Fest
by Spirit Fest Morr Music
CD/Digital/LP+7"/LP/Promo - Nov 10, 2017

Spirit Fest. Spirit Fest

Morr Music - morr 155-cd

Bewitching Avant-Pop album from impromptu supergroup built around acclaimed Japanese duo, Tenniscoats. Featuring Markus Acher of The Notwist, Jam Money and Joasihno.

Ltd. vinyl edition contains a 7inch featuring the tracks 'River River' and non-album track 'Donguri'.

In these dark and uncertain times, there’s an ever-growing collective of peaceful, loving types, bound together by an understanding of one peculiar word: Tenniscoats. Aside from being the name of an influential Tokyo-based duo, it represents fun, artistic freedom, experimentation and – perhaps most important of all – inclusivity.

A Tenniscoats gig is rarely the audience watching the performers. Instead, Saya and Takashi regularly shun the stage in favour of any particular spot that takes their fancy, whether it’s an empty seat in the auditorium or the roof of a neighbouring cafe. In the world of Tenniscoats, music can happen anywhere, and everyone is invited to join in.

During the winter of 2016, the music happened in Munich. As a long-time fan, Markus Acher (Notwist) jumped at the chance not only to put Tenniscoats on the bill at the Alien Disko festival he was organising, but also to invite Saya & Takashi to a small apartment studio, together with Mat Fowler (Jam Money) and Cico Beck (Aloa Input, Notwist). This is where Spirit Fest was recorded over the following 14 days.

Tenniscoats are known for their collaborations – some of their finest work was done in conjunction with Tape, The Pastels, Jad Fair and many others – so making good use of the time and friends available was natural to them. “For me, timing is important,” Saya said. “We met in season, and the song flowers are now blooming!” Mat Fowler recalls the Spirit Fest sessions taking place in an idyllic, festive atmosphere. “Every morning we’d all share breakfast, chat and learn about German Christmas customs. We’d catch the bus in the morning and walk home in the evening. The journey ran parallel to the beautiful flowing Isar River that bubbles, ebbs and flows right through the middle of Munich.”

While Tenniscoats sit at the heart of proceedings, it isn’t their album alone. Markus, Mat and Cico also brought songs, providing a solid base on top of which the artistry could evolve. Mat explains that, “a melody would begin, and slowly, each of us – in our own time – would find our way into the music.

Producer Tadklimp would sensitively set-up around us in this narrow window of time, so as to document that first and intuitive moment of collective discovery.” “Nearly everything was recorded live,” agrees Markus, “playing and singing together in one room with piano, guitars, percussion and some keyboards.” The collaborators came from Germany, Japan, the UK, Greece and beyond. That sense of inclusivity is palpable.

From the tender beauty of Markus’s “River River” and Saya’s “Mikan” to the electro-Merseybeat of Tenniscoat’s “Nambei” and the half-crazed pianica-reggae of “Shuti Man”, the resulting album is a testament to the manner of which these musicians are able to channel their songwriting through their spontaneity. It’s also a snapshot of a gentle and intuitive moment in time – a beautiful meetup that expands this community, happily, even further.

Jon Willks (Grizzly Folk)

Cat.no.: morr 155-cd
Format: CD/Digital/LP+7"/LP/Promo


1. Deja Vu
2. Rain Rain
3. Nambei
4. River River
5. Inklings
6. Hitori Matsuri
7. Shuti Man
8. To The Moon
9. Take Me Home
10. Mikan

Release Dates:
Nov 10, 2017 (Worldwide)
Nov 17, 2017 (USA)